Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mormon Messages: Why Mormons Build Temples

~I think I might start posting a "Sabbath Thought" every week to uplift us and get the week started out right. Today I thought it appropriate to show this short video clip that the church just put out on Temples.

~I will add my testimony to this as I have personally felt the incredible peace of the Temple; a literal piece of Heaven on Earth. If only the World could realize that...and they will someday... someday.


Stephanie said...

You mean Spring is THERE not HERE!
:( We did go in a walk today it was 40 degrees and soooo windy....but we were still able to handle a 10 min walk....wahoo!!!!

Kristal said...

You're the best! Have I already said that? LOVE this idea! LOVE IT! Now I have to come to your blog bi weekly to get my sabbath fix and my how to be a good mom fix!