Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My 2 Cents on the matter:

**I am simply sick inside right now as I type this; To have seen & read what I have the last few days. Many of you have heard about the show "Big Love" on HBO. I've never personally watched it (for many reasons), but only have seen clips on news shows and such....which made me nauseous by the way! Weird! 

From what I have seen it seems as if the producers are taking FLDS/(Polygamists) way of life and mixing some LDS (Mormon) beliefs and practices in there as well & acting as if they all currently go together. The characters look more like common day LDS people than they do Polygamists-but whatever. Confusing to the overall public I would think!.. (Thank Tom Hanks for this mess!)

Do people REALLY think this is a parallel to our church beliefs? No wonder people think we're crazy. This just shows how Satan can take a little truth here, a little truth there, TWIST & DISTORT it just enough to make it craziness & confusion!

*I have heard that in an upcoming show the producers are taking it to a new level and recreating some of our Church's current Temple ordinances & ceremonies. They were able to do this with help from "ex" Mormons who had once been through the Temple. I read something today that I thought described this well:   "The information they (the show's producers) get is from people who have left the church and are not currently active. I like to compare it to this...would you hire someone who flunked out of medical school to be your informant on a medical program? No, you would ask an actual Doctor who has current correct information. So although they may portray pieces of our religion they do not portray it correctly. Especially the fact that polygamy is in our church. We all know this is absolutely false!

*I also received an email regarding the TV guide picture & article about the upcoming show. The picture is upsetting as well as one quote I saw saying the current LDS church has a "don't ask don't tell policy on polygamy." Are you seriously kidding me? Makes my stomach churn...literally. 

*I enjoyed reading some others' comments on a blog forum today & this was one of them that I thought described my feelings as well:  "Then there are reactions deep in your heart--feeling as though your heart has sunk into your stomach, where your outward action is minimal or nonexistent because the body simply has no way to express what the spirit feels."

Back to the Temple ceremonies....Taking something sacred & making it for public view. 
I would compare it in this way:
*In similarity I'm sure you all would agree that the intimate relationship between a husband & wife is to be sacred and not perverted & publicized like we see in so many t.v. shows and movies...right? Neither is it bad nor strange, BUT when displayed for the public to see it is inappropriate.

*And there ya go...that's basically how I think we as an LDS people are feeling about this. Now I'm sure when HBO airs this it would feel creepy (I won't be watching it), however it could still possibly be somewhat similar to one type of ordinance. I don't know. Although we do know it will be lacking very much; and that being what makes these ordinances special & real.

*To those of you who read this who are not members of our faith, hopefully you can understand and help us explain to others as well where we are coming from. There are many (maybe millions) out there who have been emailing messages to HBO about this upcoming show. (You can do that HERE.) It probably won't change the fact that they will continue to air it BUT I hope we can all stand up for the cause in our own way.

The Church put out *THIS* statement on Saturday & Then *THIS* statement Monday. 
(~We have been asked to act with "dignity & thoughtfulness" & to be Christlike in our actions regarding this matter.~)

Here's a little blip of what was stated:
"Now comes another series of Big Love, and despite earlier assurances from HBO it once again blurs the distinctions between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the show’s fictional non-Mormon characters and their practices. Such things say much more about the insensitivities of writers, producers and TV executives than they say about Latter-day Saints."

I'll share with you the song that has been running through my head as of late
....somewhat fitting I think.
Verses 2 & 3 of "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days"

"The truths and values we embrace are mocked on every hand. 
Yet as we listen and obey we know we can withstand. 
The evil that would weaken us, the sin that would destroy. 
With faith, we hold the Iron Rod And find in this our joy. 
Thru test and trial we'll have our fears, But we will not despair
We're here to serve a righteous cause; Truth gives us strength to dare. 
We'll love, and learn, and overcome; We'll sing a joyful song
As Zion's youth in latter days, Triumphant, pure, and strong."
What's YOUR 2 cents?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that was only 2 cents? :) I think you put it very well. I'm grateful for the church news room and the information you can find there regarding this kind of stuff. We will probably get questions from strangers and it's great to know just what to say. So sad nonetheless. There will always be opposition and I guess this type of thing is better than dealing with brutal mobs.

Brian and Janette said... doesn't really bother me that much. Now, not that I'm completely insensitive. But I take great comfort in the Church's news release. It won't stop the work from going forward (as promised) and it is an example of opposition that the gospel will always face (as promised). It's not a very popular show and probably won't get that much attention. In fact, by us "sounding the siren" it may actually draw more attention to the matter. Bottom line, we have the truth and so we can enjoy the peace.

Callie said...

I read the church statement yesterday, and I found some peace in it. As a church we are large and strong, and persecution of any kind (although upsetting) can't stop the gospel from rolling forth. I always find strength in this scripture when the world seeks to taint that which I find most precious.

“The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done” (History of the Church, 4:540).

I believe this show is defamation, and sadly only a continuation of the persecutions this church has seen through out the years, different verse, same song. We will get through it, and it won't effect the pure in heart who search for understanding and truth. In fact, it may just sift the wheat from the tares.

AudyCamp said...

OK Kathleen you're right that was about 10 cents worth!! Haha... I tell ya don't MESS with this pregnant woman! ...or I'll give ya a piece of my mind. Maybe that's why I'm so affected. ;)

Anyhow thanks girls for the comments thus far. Of course we have faith that the work will continue and all will be fine. MOst of us don't have HBO anyways so it wouldn't affect us anyways but it's just always sad when sacred things are belittled.
**Satan's WORKING OVERTIME THIS YEAR...Let's see Marriage, Temples. He's going for the core issues.

I don't mean to draw attention to a matter as this, but it has brought me peace to write out my thoughts and testimony...and maybe explain it to non-member friends how I feel about the situation.

I liked what you said Callie about sifting the wheat from the tares. SEems like there's been a lot of that this year with all issues presented. Sign of the Times!

Kristal said...

You're awesome! Great post! And I agree 100%. It's like my dad said, how can they trust someone who has taken the vows in the temple to not talk about the ordiances outside of the temple...hello, they broke they're vows, therefore lying . Anyway, so sad, and scary what is happening in the world.

Stephanie said...

Alright sister lets not get that baby coming out too soon. We have been promised everything will be fine.I am with you that it is VERY frustrating that something held very sacred to one can be put out there for the world to judge. There are many books and other sources that would allow one to learn about the temple ceremonies from x members. This is the first of its kind I believe that will be acted out on air. To those individuals that believe we are a cult and have our hiden secrets,they will soon be disapointed when they realize we have nothing to hide. Just a lot of symbolism. I did write HBO in my disapproval.We will move forward even stronger as a church, The lord is always in control!

Veronica said...

I know! Beyond distubing. The major search engines have also been linking their articles to anti-mormon websites that list in detail and photos all temple ordinances from the 1800s til now. Everything is available. I just pray for peace in my heart and strength to move forward as the battle gets harder. I guess what is sacred is what you personally believe is sacred. You look totally cute preggo by the way!

Kristi said...

When I saw the email my sister fordwarded me from you... it was horrible! My heart was beating so fast and my whole body felt so strange and I had problems breathing. This is so distriburing to me. I wish there was more I could do. Thanks for posting about this and getting the word out.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite pleased about it. The only reason the church has survived this long is because it's been extremely secretive about so many things.

This scene will be very realistic. Aside from the green apron, of course (it'll be blue in the show).

The church is a lie. The BOM is fiction. It's hard to realize that, I know -- I left the church after being born in covenant as the 5th generation. I was well into adulthood, so it's not like I didn't experience the church in full.

I'll bring the popcorn. Can't wait to see how close it is to the real deal...

Eve -- not my real name of course. My secret name. You know the one...

AudyCamp said...

I'm sorry Anonymous that you feel this way. I of course feel very differently. I believe with all my heart that the church is NOT a lie. I have found this all on my own & would never be able to deny this witness I have received.
We must remember that JUST because you are BORN into the church that this does NOT automatically GIVE you a testimony of it. It saddens me that you never received one.
But we all have our own agency to believe what we believe so we must respect each other's agency.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no...I HAD a testimony.

I LOST the testimony after realizing the TRUTH about the church and it's history.

C'mon...why didn't they tell us about Kolob in the YW Program??? That's hardly the tip of the iceberg...

Lies. Lies. Lies...

Joseph Smith said that the Book of Mormon contained the "fulness of the gospel." However, its teaching on many doctrinal subjects has been ignored or contradicted by the present LDS church, and many doctrines now said by the church to be essential are not even mentioned there. Examples are the church's position on the nature of God, the Virgin Birth, the Trinity, polygamy, Hell, priesthood, secret organizations, the nature of Heaven and salvation, temples, proxy ordinances for the dead, and many other matters.

The detailed history and civilization described in the Book of Mormon does not correspond to anything found by archaeologists anywhere in the Americas. The Book of Mormon describes a civilization lasting for a thousand years, covering both North and South America, which was familiar with horses, elephants, cattle, sheep, wheat, barley, steel, wheeled vehicles, shipbuilding, sails, coins, and other elements of Old World culture. But no trace of any of these supposedly very common things has ever been found in the Americas of that period. Nor does the Book of Mormon mention many of the features of the civilizations which really did exist at that time in the Americas. The LDS church has spent millions of dollars over many years trying to prove through archaeological research that the Book of Mormon is an accurate historical record, but they have failed to produce any convincing pre-columbian archeological evidence supporting the Book of Mormon story. In addition, whereas the Book of Mormon presents the picture of a relatively homogeneous people, with a single language and communication between distant parts of the Americas, the pre-columbian history of the Americas shows the opposite: widely disparate racial types (almost entirely east Asian - definitely not Semitic, as proven by recent DNA studies), and many unrelated native languages, none of which are even remotely related to Hebrew or Egyptian.

The people of the Book of Mormon were supposedly devout Jews observing the Law of Moses, but in the Book of Mormon there is almost no trace of their observance of Mosaic law or even an accurate knowledge of it.


AudyCamp said...

A testimony of something spiritual is based off of FAITH not PROOF.

Tiffany said...

Why are you so bitter? Is it ok to degrade anyones beliefs? I am sorry that you were somehow offended while you were a member.
I am obviously with you. I feel sorry for the people that would do this. They will pay a price someday.

kristal said...

Wow. Sad.

Love your testimony Audra. And I like anon, was born a member, and struggled to get my testimony. I took the missionary discussions at the age of 25, and after a few years regained my FAITH knowing it to be true. I do feel bad for people that lose their faith, but I feel worse for those that lose it and then feel the need to pull others away.

Again, great post Audra!

Stephanie said...

Having a father inlaw that is an x-member, I am VERY much aware of all of the things that "anonymous" was taking about. We have had many discussions about "facts or proof" But to me it really comes back to the fundamentals and basics of the gospel, Which I believe to be true! If you are one looking for signs or proof, you are right there is a lot of things that would say the church is not true. But as I have had to stand back many times and say is this gospel REALLY TRUE, I have had my testimony confirmed. I have learned that you MUST be continually converted to have a strong testimony.I know that the teachings of the gospel, teach us to be wonderful people, AND this is One thing that my Father inlaw (being ANTI) will always agree with even now. So lets not push our own anger and hurt feelings on something others feel blesses their lives. I do see a consistancy in x-members in MY own family and friends, and it's that they are very bitter. WHY? To me this is a reassuring truth, because I do know where confusion and anger comes from. The church and its teachings have ONLY brought GOOD into my life, and for that I will always be grateful!

♥ Natalie said...

Audra, I love you!!!!

Thank you so much for being strong and sharing your true feelings.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have had to learn and grow, to feel the witness of the Holy Spirit through Grace, and have seen so many miracles in my life come to pass that I KNOW are due to the blessings of the Gospel. Through Personal Revelation to having Pristhood Blessings given that are life-changing.... I can not deny what I have come to know.

I am concerned about the outcome of the show, just because it wil give a false-reality to many. I really liked how the Church's statement showed that when there have been other events take place in the past, and that things have all worked out.

I know that I love the feeling of living a life founded on faith and the Gospel, and that is just the start. I don't know where I would be without the Gosepl of Jesus Christ!

Hope you have a great day!

Raich said...

Well... i hope that anonymous wasn't my mother in law but she doesn't have access to my blog so i dont think so :) I'm glad i personally don't have to stress about the consequences of the actions of these people, wouldn't be able to sleep at night and all that. I can't sift through my many thoughts well enough to leave some so I say POO POO to you HBO! :)

Natalie said...

That Anonymous person is really bugging me. there is nothing thats a lie in our church.. Im sooo proud of you, audra! i look up to you! =) it makes me sick, too!