Sunday, March 15, 2009

Someone Discovered... Junie B. Jones

~Kaylea has made the discovery of a lifetime this past week: The Junie B. Jones Book Series! She is quite the reader for being in Kindergarten.

~ Kaylea is loving the fact that she can read chapter books now & is already on her 3rd Junie B. Jones book for the week. I'll come in the room and she'll be laughing away at the SILLY things Junie says or does.
~I'm so grateful that all my kids LOVE to read. NOT being able to go to the Library or have reading time at night is such a punishment for them. I love it!

~I'm thrilled with the fact that we have another reader in the family. Yay!..Daylan is pretty happy about it too!


Callie said...

That's awesome! My girls are readers too, and I love it. We read a couple Junie B. Jone's books, and I didn't care too much for them. She says a lot of "words" that I didn't care for my girls to repeat, and I didn't feel she was always the best example, but they are funny!

Kristal said...

Aww, I'm jealous. I wanted to order this series for Jaden in the last book order, but it looked too girly...guess I can wait a couple of years for Kam to read em. Uh, heck yes, she's reading those suckers in kindergarten?! That's great!
Ok, and what are some of the "words" that kids might not be wanting to repeat in these books????

AudyCamp said...

Junie has been known to say the s "words" stupid and shut up. Kaylea came to me the first time she read it & was like "Um mom Junie says bad words." I think it's fine though. Kristal I would go ahead & order them for Jaden. Spencer read them & didn't think they were too girly. I think they're at the perfect in-between stage for her. Some others series like Magic Tree House might be a little harder for Kay to read but I love that series.

Jamie said...

Yay books! They are definitely treats at our house, too. Junie B. Jones is a favorite, too, even though she says bad words sometimes and has attitude issues. We've talked and talked about it, though, so I think we've gotten to the point where we can ignore it. They sure are funny! Happy Reading!

Miken Harding said...

So fun....that's a great habbit to get them into!