Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daylan goes to Preschool

Dude went to a day of Preschool back in October but we decided it wouldn't work out because it would be too much driving & hard on the schedule. He did enjoy the day he was there though with cousin Roc. Here is a picture of him there after building a "tower."
So remember my conversation with Daylan back in January about Preschool? He begged & begged to go once the other 2 kids started up at Public School this semester. I told him I would need to call around to see what Preschool he could go to. And remember he suggested I call a "police man's mommy." Well I guess I did something like that...

*The last week of February Daylan began Preschool with Ms. Chris (-my friend Jeni's Mom's Preschool.) I'm having him go 2 afternoons a week which is working out great. He is loving it although is still quite timid when it comes to talking one on one to the teacher. Even though he's still 3, he is keeping up in his 4 year old class with ABC's and their sounds. His favorite part is figuring out each day what to bring for Show & Tell. They have done some very exciting crafts & projects & just had a fun 2 weeks learning about dinosaurs!
*YAY for Preschool!*
...& soon to be Big Brothers. (2 months from today)


Anonymous said...

What a smarty pants keeping up with those big kids! Way to go Daylan. Love the shades. :)

Unknown said...

Audra, when did he get so big??? He is so cute! Glad he is loving preschool!